About Us

Who we are:

Elliott Animation is an artist-led, full-service animation studio located in the heart of Toronto’s Junction Triangle. Founded in 2000 by President and Creative Director, George Elliott, we are driven by creativity and obsessed with telling great stories, collaborating with interesting people, and bringing great ideas to life.

Together with our sister company Fresh TV Inc., Elliott Animation invents, develops, and produces original, internationally acclaimed series, such as Total Drama Island, Stoked, My Babysitter’s a Vampire, Grojband, Backstage, and more.

Additionally we provide work-for-hire services from script to screen for clients like Nickelodeon, Disney, Ubisoft, Universal Studios, and many more.

Our Studio Culture:

At Elliott Animation we strive to maintain a professional, and courteous environment. In our deadline-driven industry, we endeavor to keep unnecessary stress at a minimum by being highly organized, and solving problems as a team. We admire creativity and respect the creative people who enable us to do what we do and our culture reflects that. Elliott Animation is a studio where artists and creatives can feel welcome.

Fearless Leaders

Portrait of George Elliott

George Elliott


Portrait of Brian Irving

Brian Irving


Portrait of Jennifer Pertsch

Jennifer Pertsch


cartoon portrait of Tom McGillis

Tom McGillis


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A brief history of Elliott Animation

1985 – George Elliott starts his animation career at Nelvana, where he works as a designer on the Droids animation series.

1988 – George builds a basement studio in his home in Brampton, Ontario. Begins expanding his clientele. Works for Nelvana, Phoenix Animation, MGM, Hanna Barbera, Universal Studios, Sony Columbia Tristar, Epoch Animation, and DIC Entertainment.

1995 – George opens a studio in Toronto in order to meet the demand for his services – and to free up space in his house! Tries to balance artistic and business directives.

2000 – Elliott Animation is awarded the contract for Sitting Ducks – a 3D animated series for Universal Studios. Elliott Animation takes the big leap into digital animation and becoming the first studio in the world to use 3D Studio Max in a series production. Full production commences using Alpha software!

2002 – Elliott Animation produces Zixx Level One – an innovative live action and 3D animated series – using the Lithtech game engine as the production software. Elliott Animation becomes one of the first, studios in the world to use a video game engine as the main production software in a long format broadcast series.

2004 – Elliott Animation wins contract for 65 episodes of Yin Yang Yo – a Flash animated series for Jetix/Disney. It is Elliott Animation’s first 2.5D digital animated series.

2005 – George Elliott, Tom McGillis, Jennifer Pertch, and Brian Irving form Fresh TV Inc. Fresh TV and Elliott Animation become sister companies with Fresh TV focused on proprietary development, financing and distribution and Elliott Animation focused on production and visual development. Total Drama Island becomes the studio’s first proprietary series of many.

2007 – Elliott Animation begins production on Rollbots – a CG animated series for Amberwood Entertainment. Elliott uses an inniovative prototype hand held 3D camera system called the Gamecaster which enables real world camera control within a virtual environment.

2008 – Elliott Animation breaks into live-action when it begins VFX work on the proprietary Fresh TV Inc. live action series, My Babystitter’s a Vampire for Disney, Teletoon, and Freemantle. George works as on-set VFX supervisor for 2 seasons.

2009 – Elliott Animation And Fresh TV Inc. purchase a building and move their studio to the Junction Triangle in Toronto.

2015 – Having done only original productions since 2009, Elliott Animation dives back into service work with Fairly Oddparents and Bunsen is a Beast for Nickelodeon. Why? Because George is an animation nerd and wanted to work with Butch Hartman and Nickelodeon.

2016 – Elliott Animation and Fresh TV buy another building in the Junction Triangle, really close to the first one. They need more space!

2017 – Elliott Animation begins working with Ubisoft, doing development, storyboards, and cut scene motion graphics. Why? Because video games, that’s why!

2018 – Fresh TV acquires rights to Lucas the Spider – that adorable 8-legged internet sensation. Stay tuned…