Portrait of Brian Irving


Partner Brian Irving is a producer, screenwriter and former journalist.

Also the CFO at Elliott’s sister company Fresh TV, a content development and television production company specializing in the creation of family entertainment.

Fresh TV producer and executive producer credits include the award-winning and highly rated series Total Drama Island, Stoked, Grojband, 6Teen, My Babysitter’s A Vampire, Really Me and the award winning made-for-TV movie, My Babysitter’s A Vampire and the CSA nominated best mini-series or television movie Bunks.

Past screenwriting, story editing and producing credits include Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Sabrina Goes To Rome, Rats, Stuart Bliss, Sabotage, Redline, Deadly Past and Vampire Hunter “D”.

In addition to his involvement at Fresh TV, Brian is a partner and CFO of Elliott Animation Inc.