Good Weather

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When the good weather is here, a bunch of us go to the park around the corner and spend part of our lunch break nearly every day, grabbing some fresh air and exercise. Last summer we did park yoga once a week, and we’ll do that again this summer. Everyone is welcome. It’s fun, invigorating, … Read More

Michal Makarewicz

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In the summer of 2018 we hosted a 2 day weekend animation workshop with Michal. If you don’t know who he is, check him out on the internet. He’s a top-tier Pixar 3D animator and he really knows his stuff. The workshop was extremely eye opening for animators as Michal introduced a brilliantly effective and … Read More

Grease Pencil

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May 2019: Our studio has been using Flash 8 in production since 2004. That sounds like a crazy long time because it is. The software has served us well, though, and our crew still love it, but as we look to the future, we are currently exploring Blender as a replacement for our digital 2D … Read More