Dog Friendly Studio


We are a dog friendly studio. Last count there were somewhere around 16 studio dogs. They don’t all come in at once, but typically there are 3 or 4. They are well behaved and no trouble at all. They add a special something to the studio vibe.

Vote, Dude!


On September 12, 2018 You Tube released “Vote, Dude!” – an animated public service announcement featuring the cast of the animated series “6-Teen” and using the original voice cast and writers. We financed and produced the spot to encourage young people to get out and vote because we feel strongly that democracy works best if … Read More

Total Drama Island


Total Drama Island premiered on Teletoon July 8, 2007. It was 26 episodes x 22 minutes each. It was a parody of reality TV elimination shows and the first animated reality series on television. It was a crazy format that started with a huge cast of characters in episode 1 and gradually dropped characters every … Read More

Henry Danger


August 14, 2017: Nickelodeon asked if we could do a short piece of animation for their Henry Danger live action series. They were looking for the piece to look like it was animated by a high school kid. I suggested we hire my daughter Kimberly to animate it. She was in grade 10 at the … Read More

Grease Pencil

Featured, Working

May 2019: Our studio has been using Flash 8 in production since 2004. That sounds like a crazy long time because it is. The software has served us well, though, and our crew still love it, but as we look to the future, we are currently exploring Blender as a replacement for our digital 2D … Read More