August 14, 2017: Nickelodeon asked if we could do a short piece of animation for their Henry Danger live action series. They were looking for the piece to look like it was animated by a high school kid. I suggested we hire my daughter Kimberly to animate it. She was in grade 10 at the time and already knew how to animate. They liked the idea of having an actual high school student animate it, but needed to see a test to prove she was capable. My other daughter, Jennifer, designed the characters and Kimberly animated a walk cycle. Nickelodeon loved it and approved the girls to animate the short. Jennifer designed all the characters, drew the storyboard, and built the layouts. Kimberly did all the animation. The result was authentic to the conceit of the story and it was shown on Nickelodeon’s Henry Danger, season 4, episode 7 where it received excellent response from the public. Jennifer was subsequently asked to do an additional animatic in the same style for season 4, episode 8, and that went over well, too. It was a really amazing experience for my daughters and I have Nickelodeon and their SVP of Production, David Steinberg, to thank for giving them the opportunity of a lifetime.