Service work

Nelvana/ Nickelodeon USA “Backyardigans”

Breakthrough Entertainment “Jimmy Two Shoes”

Nickelodeon USA “Bunsen is a Beast”

Nickelodeon USA “Fairly Odd Parents”

Amberwood Entertainment “Rollbots”

Ubisoft “Starlink: Battle For Atlas – Crimson Moon” (Webisode)

Universal Studios “Sitting Ducks”

Walt Disney Corporation/Jetix “Yin Yang Yo”

YTV CANADA – Live/3D “Zixx L1”

Additional Service Work

Breakthrough Entertainment “Crash Canyon”

Teletoon Canada “6-Teen”

Nelvana “Rescue Heroes”

BKN Network “Roswell: Myths and Conspiracies”

Ubisoft (Video Game) “Project Starling”

Nelvana “Rescue Heroes” (3D)

Nelvana “Carebears”

YTV “Erky Perky”

BFC Germany “Happily Never After” (DTV)

And many more…