Total Drama Island premiered on Teletoon July 8, 2007. It was 26 episodes x 22 minutes each. It was a parody of reality TV elimination shows and the first animated reality series on television. It was a crazy format that started with a huge cast of characters in episode 1 and gradually dropped characters every episode until the season finale. The show was a big success for us and went on to spawn several spin-offs – Total Drama Action, Total Drama World Tour, Total Drama Revenge of the Island, Total Drama All Stars, and Pahkitew Island. 119 episodes in total. The last airing of Pahkitew Island was November 20, 2014. After that we produced The Ridonculous Race – a parody of Amazing Race TV series. Then, three years later, Total DramaRama was greenlit by Cartoon Network and Teletoon and we dove back into the Total Drama world again. Total DramaRama premiered on September 1, 2018 and once again, became a success for us. Season 2 was green lit for production Feb 2019 and commenced production in May. We hope it will continue for a season 3 and beyond.